The Team

Jeanne Hahne – The Inventor

Ms. Hahne has been working as an RN since graduating from the University of San Francisco’s school of nursing in 1975. In 1979, while working in a burn unit, she came up with the idea for the FaceView Mask because she was unable to connect with her trauma patients through her protective mask.

In 1980, while pursuing her Master’s Degree at the University of Florida, her thesis topic explored the importance of communication between the clinician and patient, which included her vision for a clear surgical face mask. For the past 27 years she has been working at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center in Ambulatory Care in the pre- and post-surgical unit. She is an active volunteer, wife, mother, and former table tennis champion.

The FaceView Mask™ is important for communication, and for seeing the entire facial expression, especially a reassuring smile. It means reading lips for the deaf and the elderly. The number one cause of medical errors is communication errors. The FaceView Mask™ has the potential to reduce errors and promote better patient outcomes.

The benefits are clear. We need your help in bringing this next generation of face masks to the market. 

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 Bryan Dubois – Manufacturing Liaison

I build teams, listen, and help each person open a door. We need new ways to work and learn in a changing world. Lets gather people young and old to the work.

Helping Jeanne Hahne bring the FaceView Mask to market, I discover nurses and other caregivers have many great inventions to offer. I am an engineer. I serve Jeanne as liaison to the worlds of product development and manufacturing. My wife Karen is an artisan potter. We live in the mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. I also pursue new concepts for work and education, asking “What are we compelled to teach – really teach – our sons and daughters . . . and our adopted sons and daughters?”

Barbara DeBaun, RN, MSN, CIC

Improvement Advisor
Cynosure Health

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